Brand New Build

Building a custom coach motorhome is no small undertaking however when people approach us here at Majestic Motorhomes, they usually have a pretty good idea what it is they’re looking for.

Customers can purchase a brand new 2018 rolling bus or truck chassis, light truck, rigid truck or trailer and we build a solution from the ground up. OR you may prefer to lower your carbon footprint by repurposing a pre-owned vehicle for your RV fit out or project customisation.

No matter what you require, we can get started with the very first step which is to give us a call and tell us a little about your needs.  There is absolutely no obligation so why not call us today on (02) 6492 5560

NB: If you have an existing motorhome that simply requires some additions, repair or enhancements, take a look at our RV repairs and upgrades showcase.  If you are interested in learning more about our process for building a custom coach motorhome, read on below. 

A brand new 2018 rolling chassis for a new custom coach motorhome - yes! We really do build from the ground up. 

Building out the sub-structure for the floor and bins based on our clients exacting  requirement. 

Next, we add the framing for the walls and roof. Our motorhomes are constructed to LAST a lifetime. 

In this picture, you can see that the white cladding has been sheeted over the walls and roof. We are preparing to clad the custom bin doors for this coach motorhome. 

The internal fit-out is designed in close consultation with our clients.Note the heavy layer of insulation filling every nook.  

Each bin has a dedicated purpose. You can see here the food grade water storage tanks and three stage water filtration system being installed. 

All window spaces are masked and the bus is painted in deep protective layers of premium paints. We do all this in our dedicated bus pain spray booth. It's starting to look amazing now. 

The kitchen in this coach motorhome is really taking shape. We can build you absolutely anything, and make sure you ask for a nice window above the sink. You will see some GREAT views as you travel around Australia relaxing and enjoying life. 

As your bus or coach motorhome continues to take shape, it will require review and approvals from the relevant authorities to ensure everything complies. This is a complex and complicated process however Majestic Motorhomes make it so easy, you may not even notice it happening. That is why our customers come to us. Because we are the experts with the knowledge and experience to do your conversion to the very highest level and compliance. 

All the extras you will need to be completely self-sufficient are added to your coach motorhome. All bins are completely sealed to protect your underfloor storage area from external elements. Nothing is comprimised. 

Almost every coach motorhome we build has a high specification off-grid solar system with full redundancy in the form of a remote start generator on slide designed to easily handle your power needs with low noise, emissions and fuel use. 

Your new home interior is fitted out with the highest quality materials to ensure your furniture gives you decades of durable comfort and style. Let your imagination run free and imagine your new life living in a luxury apartment on wheels that you can drive wherever your heart desires. Where will you go? What will you see? Start your journey today with an obligation free chat with the team from Majestic Motorhomes. Call us on (02) 6492 5560

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