Austral Tourmaster Coach Motorhome Renovation

...I must say that it is refreshing to find a company where attention to detail, professional workmanship, work ethic and “can do” attitude are a daily occurrence.
If you are considering either a refurbishment ....

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We were delighted when Michael and Christine Chilcott came to us with plans for renovating their 40′ Austral Tourmaster and the best part is, Michael and Christine were delighted with what we were able to achieve with them.

“On the Road to Freedom” – words by our lovely customers Michael and Christine Chilcott

Are we happy or what!

Every once in a while I guess most of us think it would be nice to write some positive remarks about a company that you have done business with, that when you leave, you are happy. Well, sometimes we might, but most times we don’t.

Well, my wife (Christine) and I (Michael) are having such an experience with Majestic Motorhomes, that I am going to. As I write this testimonial, we are about a week or two from getting our 40 footer back from a major refurbishment, including frame repair, full re-sheet, RV windows, inside refurbishments and a full new paint job.

Christine and I have been “on the road” full-time for a little over 10 years travelling and working. For the first three years, home was a 4WD and 18 foot caravan. At that point we decided to continue with the lifestyle indefinitely, and so we needed something larger. We purchased a 40-foot coach that had been converted on the inside but left untouched on the outside. It still had the original coach windows and paintwork, and it looked like a coach.   We’ve now had this motorhome for about 7 years, and so 2 years ago we decided to finish the conversion to a motorhome. So we started to search for a company that we could put our faith in to give us the finish that we wanted.

After much searching in WA, SA, VIC and NSW we got little satisfaction. We were in Mildura, when my wife suggested that I give Majestic Motorhomes a ring. I did.   My first conversation both with Nicole and Lyle convinced me that we were all “on the same page”. They could do all the things we wanted, and more.   The next day, we drove in our motorhome from Mildura to Bega, talked to Nicole and Lyle face to face, and booked in.

I can talk with some degree of confidence of the quality of the work that this company does, because while our vehicle is being transformed, we have been living in the area, and I have been taking an interest in the job from start to finish.   I have seen what goes into a project of this size and I have seen the professional approach from Sean, Dave and Cody, applying their particular sets of skills to give us a motorhome that we will be proud of and the magic stuff that Lyle can do with a spray gun needs to be seen to be believed.

I must say that it is refreshing to find a company where attention to detail, professional workmanship, work ethic and “can do” attitude are a daily occurrence.

So, having said all of the above, in my opinion, if you are considering either a refurbishment or a ground up build, be sure to put Majestic Motorhomes on your list of people to talk to. We did, and we are happy!!

Michael and Christine Chilcott

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