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Luxury Coach Motorhome Conversion

Creating a new coach motorhome from a rolling chassis and engine up is never an easy task but it allows for a customisation of your new luxury coach motorhome that is limitless in its possibilities. Every coach is a unique to the customer commissioning the build. You are paying a lot of money for this coach so we intend that it is perfect for you in every way.

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From bench tops, to layout, to flooring, to paint color and decor. Whatever gadgets you would like, we can make your dream a reality. Fully self sufficient, luxury living – get set for the adventure of a life time.

Quality Finish
Everything in your luxury coach motorhome is finished with micro-millimetre tolerances. Ultimately, everything needs to stack up under close scrutiny. When you’re travelling in your home on wheels even the smallest defect is likely to be noticed so we ensure that everything is finished to the highest standard even if it’s the inside of a control panel that is only rarely viewed.

The coach dashboard is an area that is particularly special to every adventurer because it is part of the view that faces you every day as you’re travelling down the road. Majestic motorhomes spared no expense in the creation of a form fit dashboard that is complete with double stitched soft leather, integrated instrumentation and even a special pull-out tray which conceals a laptop for easy access on the move.

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Maximising Space
if you’ve ever downsized from a house to an apartment you’ll know what a challenge is to fit all of your things into the smaller space. Even the largest luxury coach motorhome cannot fit a three-bedroom home worth of furniture so we have a range of tricks to maximize the space you have.

First of all, everything that can be built in is built in. Cupboards, drawers, storage bins, boxes and hideaways are all conveniently accessible at arms length for each living area of coach. The bedroom area for example has more drawers and cupboards base your clothes, shoes, books, make up, computers and other essential items then you can possibly believe! Has been wasted, everything is utilized.

The storage bins underneath the coach bedroom for example which are accessible from the outside our vast. Consider that traditional touring coaches are designed to take 55 passengers and all their luggage, you get 55 passengers worth of luggage storage space all to yourself. That’s a lot of space!

Exterior Bodywork
Most people do not give a lot of thought to the construction of coaches they see around them on the road but there is quite a lot more than meets the eye. For starters, there is an aluminium framework which must first be built on which cladding is then added full strength, durability, and installation from both noise and the weather. The walls of every luxury motorhome we create are actually comprised of four individual layers. The interior cladding's, the frame, foam core installation, external cladding and a deep layer of paint and protective lacquer all year round protection in the harsh Australian environment.

Smart Construction 
When you open the door to go outside, pause for a moment to appreciate the splendor of having steps automatically rolled out in front of you to grant you easy access to the world at large. On your return close the door and the automatic self-leveling floor fills the gap normally left by the stairwell so you have a completely flat floor with no chance of accident for humans or our little four-legged friends that often accompany adventure.

Inside, smart lighting systems offer a range of preset options to fit your mood and sound travels evenly throughout the entire living space of the coach or can be restricted to specific areas including outdoors.
A range of safety features including gas detection, movement, intruder alarms and more mean you can relax with confidence knowing that your home is monitoring essential elements and will let you know if there is an issue.

Security & Safety
An extension of the smart systems such as the intruder alarm is the passive security built into the coach. A retracting step limits access to the living areas of the bus and start locking systems are accessed with a press of one button.>

Because you are not limited to brand (in so far as we can work with any coach manufacturers chassis), ABS, engine management systems, cruise control and any number of other luxury driving options are a decision away!

Living Areas
when you’re travelling the great outdoors, sometimes the great outdoors don’t deliver on the weather or perhaps humanities where you are visiting our little below par. No matter when you’re travelling in your custom-built coach by Majestic Motorhomes. You’ll still be staying in complete luxury even in the outback and beyond.

The kitchen area is generously laid out with acres of bench space and storage for everything you want to take with you and more besides. Your full-size refrigerator is concealed by matching carpentry, dishwasher is installed as standard as our microwave gas range hood and a full-size oven.

A spacious bathroom complete with full size shower toilet and vanity will have you refreshed each day and a picture window makes it a light, airy space without sacrificing privacy.
The bedroom is the standard befitting any luxury Hotel and of course the mattress, the width and the length of your bed are all bespoke tailored to your exacting requirements.

Self-sufficient living
there is little point in fitting out a luxury coach with all the modern cons if you can’t use them so in addition to a house grade power storage system complete with solar power generation, there is a built-in smart run generator that quietly and efficiently provides power as and when you need it. From the air conditioning units to the appliances in your kitchen, you can enjoy your home without compromise.

In addition to power, water is the other primary consumable when it comes to living away from plug-in type accommodation. Your coach can hold enough fresh water a month or more of living and all grey water and Blackwater is collected in special holding tanks until such time as it can be disposed of.

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If you have a dream of a life filled with adventure in your very own luxury coach motorhome please contact us so that we might play a role in making it a reality.

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